Coaches and Mentors


Without coaches, there is no robotics, they help keep things smooth and make sure we are safe. They volunteer many personal hours to support the team and get us places we never thought we would be. Our coaches and mentors help teach us the fundamentals in building a robot and support us in finding marketing opportunities.


Head Coach

Evelina Sulzrycki

Evelina is our head coach, she helps out with both constructing the robot and with marketing. Evelina gives us her insightful ideas for both the robot and marketing. Evelina is always ready to help out her team, no matter what the issue is. Not only is Evelina our head coach, she is a unanimous role model for the team.


Tracy John

Tracy is our drive team coach, she directs our drive team to give them the best possible scoring strategy. Tracy also works closely with our scouting team, she helps us analyze which teams will help us form the best possible alliance. Tracy offers her expertise to every branch of the team, from engineering to marketing Tracy helps us out. To us Tracy is more than a coach, she is like family.



Melissa Robinson

Melissa is both a team coach and the robotics teacher at Sierra Vista High School. Not only does Melissa provide the team with helpful insight, she also hypes up the team at our competitions. At our school Melissa teaches both "Intro to Robotics" and "Advanced Robotics", students in her class learn the basics of programming and engineering. 



Kevin John - Kevin mentors us during both the build season and scouting opposing teams during Regional competitions.


Julian Jackson - Julian mentors us on programming and the Chairman's presentation.


Chelsea Philips - Chelsea worked with us on the Chairman's award, her help was vital to our chairman's team.