Game Descriptions 

Each year the FIRST Program announces a new game.Each game consists of a video that will tell the students what they will have to complete in order to play the game. These videos usually give students an idea on what to build and what tasks they need to focus on. 


Relic Recovery 2017-2018

-The games objective was to grab the Glyphs (Which are the brown and gray cubes) and score them into your alliances Crytobox (which is either blue or red). The object of the game was to also knock over the jewel ( blue or red ball) of the opponents in autonomous to get extra points. The robot can also grab the Relic( Yellow Human Piece) and put it onto the Relic Mat, where the robot had to complete certain tasks to get the relic to the end of the mat to gain bonus points at the end of the game.

Rover Ruckus 2018-2019 

-The game objective is to collect gold and silver minerals and score them into the rover or in your alliance claimed square. The robot can score pieces by grabbing them from the crater. Other ways to score is by parking in the crater at the end of the match or by climbing onto the rover or sitting under the rover at the end of the match.