Meet Our Robots


Theodore 2017-2018 Season 

- Our robot during the 2017-2018 season of FTC.

-Played the Relic Recovery game.

-Consisted of a 4 wheel chassis with a 2-bar left with flaps to pick up the glyphs to put into cipher.  

-Made it to the Nevada State Championship in Reno where he placed 15th out of 21 teams.

-Second place runner-up to the Motivate Award. 


Max 2018-2019 Season

- Our Robot during the 2018-2019 season of FTC.

-Played the Rover Ruckus game

-Consisted of a 4 wheel chassis with a elevator lift and hook, along with a bar to move mineral pieces around.

-Could hang, scored a 30 point autonomous by itself in the beginning of the match.

-Scored one of the highest scrimmage matches with 103 points with the Boulder City Superbots.