team 5429

What We Do



Our program teaches high school students how to use advanced machines, and various tools. It gives students the knowledge that many people don't have in daily life. From assembling simple objects all the way to robots.

tools we use

We use a various amount of large and small machines. Large machines that we use consist of a band saw, circle saw, sander, a CNC machine and a drill press. Smaller machines that we use are dremels, drills, jig saws, and many other tools.



Although not as much handy work, marketing is a very important job. Without our marketing team we wouldn't have money to travel to our regional's and compete, and we would not have enough money to build the robots we compete with. We do fundraising events as well as charity work to make sure our community is at its best.

Community outreach

This year our marketing got us involved in things like trunk or treat which gave children a safe place to celebrate Halloween, Adopt-a-family which gave toys to the children in need during the holiday season, and other things like opportunity village which helped run a festival in our community. There are so many ways to help our community and that is what are marketing team is for.


Engineering is an incredibly important part in robotics. They design and figure out how to construct our robot, as well as many side projects. They have constructed things like ramps, large platforms, a giant scale, and most importantly robots. They made these objects strong so they could withstand the test of competition. 



Electrical is a huge part of robotics which means there is a lot to learn. Some of our students have enough electrical experience to do what most electricians can do. In robotics they make sure everything is connected and running right.


Our electricians work with tools like the soldering tool, wire strippers, voltmeter, also crimpers. They handle devices like a PDP (Power Distribution Panel), AMP Breaker, Victor's, Robo Rio's, and Radios.